2023 10

【10/17-22】Yumiko Suga EXHIBITION Reframing I ガウディ建築の芸術を紐解く


▼タイトル:Reframing I ガウディ建築の芸術を紐解く
▼作家:Yumiko Suga

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Reframing I Unraveling the Art of Gaudi’s Architecture

Yumiko Suga

There exists a renowned architect by the name of Antoni Gaudí. He is the master architect behind structures such as Spain’s “Sagrada Familia Cathedral” and “Casa Milà,” both designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the renaissance of art known as Catalan Modernism, which emerged around the late 19th century in Barcelona, Gaudí’s architectural style stands out through its ingenious designs inspired by nature and flora, embellished with vibrant artistic elements.

This work focuses on the artistic essence embedded within Gaudí’s architecture. It presents a fresh endeavor to unravel the roots of art by isolating his innovative designs and vivid representations of nature. To accentuate the allure of innovative designs (inorganic elements), I adopted a three-dimensional approach in monochrome. As for the vivid depictions of nature (organic elements), I used color prints to capture the essence of life. Within these color prints, I tried to create a work in stone media from a futuristic viewpoint based on the idea of Reframing.

I hope you will enjoy the novelty of disentangling Gaudí’s artistic expressions into inorganic and organic elements, amplifying their charm, and a moment of contrast between the best contemporary media and the best future-thinking media for his works